#089 – Sandy Hook Was Not a Hoax

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I feel all we should have to say is Sandy Hook was not a hoax. Unfortunately a number of people do believe that this tragic event, and others, was an attempt to regulate guns and spread discord in the world. Ranging from people thinking they are ballistic experts to lie detectors while relying on rolling news as fact, leads us to places where the death of innocent children can be spun in to a narrative where families are not torn apart but are harassed and accused.

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  1. Well then Myles why are ther videos of the same people just running around doing laps through the school?? Or why did fbi list zero homicides in that town for that entire year. Or that the supposed shooter left his rifle in the car but hundreds of spent rifle casings were found. Seems many contradicting facts lead people to believe this was somewhat altered or stages altogether.

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