#137 – Trump Vs. Hillary

Trump vs Hillary, the fight of the century! James and Buck are joined by mythousandfaces for a chat about the state of American politics. Is Hillary the best of a worst case and is Trump the single worst candidate to ever run? Who knows?! Certainly not us!

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  1. Regarding the Roman emperor who gave power back to the senate, that was The first Augustus Caesar originally “Octavian”, and he didn’t really hand back power, that was part of the propaganda he used to legitimize his leadership of Rome while attempting to publicly distance himself from the perception of dictatorship. He claims he lead Rome as the Princeps “first citizen” on the basis of his “auctoritas” essentially he was the first citizen on the basis of the authority of his personality. He was in every sense except being formally called dictator, the sole authority of Rome. He took control of the system of patronage and ruled Rome by being the man at the top of every major line of patronage in Rome.

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