#145 – Sandy Hook Hoax Response

A while back the nerds made a video looking into the idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Surprisingly they found the conspiracy lacking in substance. The response the nerds received from conspiracist was shocking and shows under current of irrational thought in the conspiracies community. James was too angry for this shit.

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1 Comment

  1. Guys I wanted you to convince me I searched for someone smarter than me (not a hard ask)
    To show me thefalsehoods I saw in a documentary on TV, I was tired of just hearing more and more theories and claims. But unfortunately you guys were the same unfounded claims, cherry picking specific comments and crack pots. Which is fine but surely you could comment of the doctored pictures of the children and the interviews of victims and locals the extreme measures of demolition and unprecedented breaches of procedure. The pictures of parents in swat gear with weapons and video of people walking in circles over and over to create a sense of chaos. Come on guys be the voice of reason and silence the crazy claims as well as the others, otherwise you just like the crazy YouTubers where are your facts where is your evidence not just compelling arguments or claims of superior intellect.
    I’m disappointed

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