Myles is back from his vacation and ready to start a ruckus! Before leaving for the pokemon rich shores of Asia Myles penned and filmed a critic of Rebecca Watsons talk on evolutionary psychology in which she used spurious citations to cast doubt on the field on evolutionary psychology. This peaked the interest of one PZ Myers, sensing a fertile debate he swayed into the discussion and posted on his blog in defence of Watsons talk without really providing any structured rebuttal to Myles original video. Myles decided to make a show talking about his surprise to the interaction and how little PZ seems to care for a coherent argument regarding Evo psychology.

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I used to do bits and pieces of stand up comedy.  I was pretty good when given the right audience but decided not to pursue it as I didn’t have the ‘stuff’ required to deal with ‘regular kickings’ that every comedian has to deal with. One performance has always stuck with me though; I was at an open-mic night in Sydney and asked the room to put their hand up if they spent $50 or more on gambling and after some coaxing…

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 8 hands, 8 people spent more than $50 a month gambling.  “You are the people that make the Casinos the majority of their profit.” a small laugh followed, “No really, people spending $50-$150 a month make up about 80% of Australian profit” I give a double thumbs up “Fun Fact” that too received a chuckle. “Again, just out of curiosity how many of you would say that over all, you are either up money or have broken even?” Hands would be raised “1,2,3,4,5,6,7” I paused for dramatic effect “and 8” I paused again, this time with a faux perplexed look on my face, another small laugh broke out in the crowd. “See the people that laughed there, those are the people with a basic understanding of arithmetic” another slightly larger laugh would follow. I tried the joke a couple of times but it never quite landed. I like to tell myself that this was because my audience was not smart enough but it probably has more to do with the fact that I’m not nearly as funny as I like to think I am.  (more…)

This week on TLONs Myles and James are joined by David a evolutionary psychologist. Recently evolutionary psychology has been misinterpreted and painted in a negative light. Evolutionary psychology uses what we have learnt from the theory of Evolution and applies it to human psychology. On the face of it this should not have attracted much scorn yet today a number of people are happy to criticsise the field due to political belief.